Allan MacGregor

Software Engineer and Writer in Toronto, ON, Canada

Hello, I’m Allan. I’m a software engineer living in Toronto, ON, Canada.

I am a fan of technology, gaming, and programming. I’m also interested in entrepreneurship and web development.

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It's hard to imagine myself working alongside a better coach and mentor than I did when I worked with Allan. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with him for four years while he led the engineering team at Demac Media.
David Freiman, CTO and Cofounder at
Allan is a consummate professional who has the rare ability of being a superb rounded software engineer with innovative mindset combined with a business understanding which allows him to focus on the right job at the right time. He is a problem solver of the highest category with a broad understanding of software and an open mind to new technologies. Been a pleasure interacting with Allan at many levels.
Karen Baker, CEO AND Founder At ShipperHQ
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