Piss-off script kiddies with SSH Tarpit

Published on 2021-01-10

1m read
devops, ssh, hacking

Endlessh is an SSH tarpit that very slowly sends an endless, random SSH banner. It keeps SSH clients locked up for hours or even days at a time. The purpose is to put your real SSH server on another port and then let the script kiddies get stuck in this tarpit instead of bothering a production server.

There are many types of Tarpits by definition Tarpits are network services that intentionally insert delays in the protocol, slowing down clients by forcing them to wait.

git clone git@github.com:skeeto/endlessh.git
cd endlessh
make && make install

And now run it:

endlessh -v >endlessh.log 2>endlessh.err


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