Piping :ok tuples

Published on 2021-01-15

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elixir, functional programming, programming

The pipe operator |> is probably my favorite part of the elixir language; programming, more often than not, it can get messy and confusing for people new to the language.

This is especially true when having to pipe functions that return an {:ok, payload} tuple; dealing with it can be tricky, but there are a few easy ways to do so:

  • Use with rather than piping
  • Use an exclamation mark version of the function if available
  • Create a helper function that extracts the value and also deals with error
  • Use an anonymous function in the pipe
  • Pipe into elem/2

I found the last one most helpful, especially when dealing with the elixir DateTime library.

    last_check =
      |> DateTimeParser.parse_datetime()
      |> elem(1)
      |> DateTime.from_naive!("Etc/UTC")


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