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Exploring Hack: Building a MicroFramework

So to get started I've decided to build a micro-framework using HACK and HHVM, building a simple microframework should be a challenging enough task to illustrate some of the more interesting features of the language and at the same time it has an achievable goal so we don't end on a never ending development cycle.

Is HHVM/Hack the new face of PHP?

HHVM could change (is already at some extent) the way developers see and think about PHP performance, and how PHP should work. Even if you don't care and never plan to use HHVM or HACK in any of your projects the mere fact that they exist is a good thing for the PHP community.

Hello Hack

Recently Facebook unveiled Hack, a new programming language that aims to provide developers with the tools to write and ship code quickly while catching errors on the fly.

HHVM In The Wild

HHVM is taking the PHP world by storm, and as PHP developer there many things to be excited about HHVM.

First steps on HHVM

Currently a few applications are fully supported like wordpress and drupal; more complex applications like Magento are still not 100% with HHVM due to bugs in the HHVM implementation.

An Introduction to HHVM

In early 2008 Facebook began working on **HipHop**(now HPHP), a PHP execution engine; its original motivation was to convert Facebook massive PHP code base into C++ in order to save resources and increase the application performance. The original release was known as HPHPc a **PHP** to **C++** compiler.