It has been over 4 months since I posted anything online, in the meantime the world has kept spinning and there are many updates, changes and news to talk about; so why did I suddenly decided to go silent? Well there are a myriad of reasons but primarily it was due to my change in role at Demac Media, for the last 5 months I been operating as the Director of Engineering.

The title might sound fancy but in essence is the same responsibilities that I been executing officially and unofficially, which include taking care of the developers training and education, code quality, server and infrastructure and developer tools and methodologies.

So far is a role that I enjoy immensely but that said it’s not without its challenges, more than anything is the scope and size of some of the tasks and how time consuming they can be. Time, there never seems to be enough, right?

The regrettable side effect of this transition was felt by my personal projects, my writing and overall hobbies and activities outside office related work. Thankfully things have started to stabilize and I’ve gotten better at managing my time and priorities; and with that it only felt right to get back into the saddle and start putting some time and energy back into this blog and other related side projects.

I’m glad and really looking forward to putting some useful content out and now specially that there are so many new topics to talk about from Magento2 to my new obsession Machine Learning and AI.